Webmoney Passport


A certificate is a “digital” identification of a participant in the WebMoney Transfer system, certified as an analogue of a handwritten purchase.
It contains the personal data of its owner: full name, passport and contact information.
The higher the level of the certificate, the greater the degree of trust he has and the more opportunities the system provides him.

How to get a passport?


We issue passports only in the personal presence of the applicant.

A personal meeting with an attestator is the main way to obtain a personal passport.




  • On the WebMoney website – select Maksakov Mikhail as Registrar, then click “more details”, then click the button: “Get a passport from this registrar”
  • make payment through the website passport.webmoney.ru for the application for a passport; preparation of the documents necessary to obtain a passport: Application for a certificate applicant, a photocopy of the main spread of your passport (the page with your photo and signature), a photocopy of the passport page with information about your place of residence (if available) or photocopies of both sides of your identity card;
  • personal meeting with the selected attestator and transfer of certification documents to him;


Persons under the age of majority (18 years) must attend the meeting with the assessor only in the presence of one of their parents.

Initial passport WebMoney

The initial passport is recommended for small businesses and employees of Internet companies. An initial certificate will distinguish you from an anonymous user of the system, but still does not guarantee unconditional trust in you from experienced participants.

Personal passport WebMoney

A personal passport is recommended for businesses and advanced private users who want to not only spend and transfer funds, but also earn money online using the entire range of services of the WebMoney Transfer system. A personal passport provides a high degree of trust on the part of other participants in the system, because your passport details will be checked in person with the provision of originals (or notarized copies) of documents.

Detailed information about passport on the WebMoney website

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